RaDAR – Being different

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What makes the RaDAR contest different to any other. The requirement to move.

Sure it’s more difficult for some than others. Most field type contests allow set up 24 hours before the event.

I looked at this and thought there must be some other way of making amateur radio a little more exciting.

I started with one contact per kilometer moved proving the concept. See http://zs6bne.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/radar-one-contact-per-kilometer-moved/

Then it had to be made achievable by most hams and made it 5 contacts per distance moved depending on the medium.

RaDAR categories were defined to suit many different ways of practising RaDAR.

As we’ve mentioned, contests are only really measurements of our ability to take on whatever challenge and have fun at the same time.

Too many contests are the same, RaDAR needs to be and is different – RaDAR, daring to be different.

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