RaDAR – Strategising for the new contest

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RaDAR has gone global. This calls for a whole new different strategy.

RaDAR has been refined and indeed will be refined even further once we share experiences. RaDAR must adapt to change – improving each year. What the goals were in the past are not necessarily the goals today.

The RaDAR operator has no idea of how many like minded people will be active for those four hours. There is no doubt that RaDAR looks attractive to the majority of radio hams but to really be active requires participation. RaDAR caters for everyone. It is not only operators in the field doing things the hard way, RaDAR operator need « big gun » stations operating from fixed locations or portable locations too!

So what is the ultimate goal this year, tomorrow afternoon to be exact? The greatest prize, intercontinental, RaDAR to RaDAR QSO’s! The mere fact that it earns the operators each…

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