RaDAR – Moving amateur radio stations

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Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio


Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio, often referred to by its acronym RaDAR, is a concept for operating an amateur radio station anywhere, anytime and even in adverse environmental conditions. This concept supports the amateur radio service’s emergency communications mandate.

Where the concept originated

Radio amateurs from South Africa came up with a concept to build a comfortable portable radio station capable of operating for extended periods while walking or stationary after walking to a specified site.

The idea was discussed in an open forum and ideas gleaned from many of the local hams, some prototyping was done and the “Shack in a Sack” (SiaS) concept was born.

In August 2009 RaDAR – Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio, was launched – a more professional version of the SiaS concept.

Natural evolution

Rapid deployment of an amateur radio stations was the goal of RaDAR. Initially it was a…

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RaDAR – April 2014 contest report

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Jaco ZR6CMG – Mobile category

It is difficult to determine how many official participants took part in the April 2014 RaDAR contest because not everyone sends his / her log to the contest organiser for evaluation. The RaDAR contest requires movement after every 5 QSO’s. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it’s really a fun activity and should be seen as such. Some RaDAR operators, like John ZS5J, do send at least a check log. The following radio operators submitted logs – Dirk ZS6AKU, Eddie ZS6BNE, Jaco ZR6CMG, Lucy M6ECG and John MW/ZS5J (Check log). 

Dirk worked from home as a portable station, Eddie and Lucy took on the « on foot » category, Jaco took on the mobile category and John the portable category. Lucy and Jaco excelled in their operation by communicating for the full four hours while moving after every 5 contacts and are the resulting winners of…

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