RaDAR – April 2014 contest report

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Jaco ZR6CMG – Mobile category

It is difficult to determine how many official participants took part in the April 2014 RaDAR contest because not everyone sends his / her log to the contest organiser for evaluation. The RaDAR contest requires movement after every 5 QSO’s. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it’s really a fun activity and should be seen as such. Some RaDAR operators, like John ZS5J, do send at least a check log. The following radio operators submitted logs – Dirk ZS6AKU, Eddie ZS6BNE, Jaco ZR6CMG, Lucy M6ECG and John MW/ZS5J (Check log). 

Dirk worked from home as a portable station, Eddie and Lucy took on the « on foot » category, Jaco took on the mobile category and John the portable category. Lucy and Jaco excelled in their operation by communicating for the full four hours while moving after every 5 contacts and are the resulting winners of…

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